Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Yyyear!

guess whos not ready for 2017???
  heres a hint, 
its me lol
I’m sorry I haven’t been as active lately! I’ve been huge into reading lately. I am still checking my messages.I’m still always here if any of you need me. I promise! Hope you all are having a great weekend! 2016 The last day🌈💖 :P

So it’s been a hell of a roller coaster ride in this year. I’m at most appreciative of so many things be it sad or happy. I’m happy these adventures ended off smoothly till this day where we embark on our new adventure into a new year. I hope everything and everyone around the world put down the past and reach out towards the future that’s coming forth for us. 

A new year, new you. But never forget the love.

Come on buckle up, we are going to take up a new roller coaster ride and this is gonna be as exciting as the day we embark during 2016. Anywaysssss

New Year resolutions/goals/wtv
- stop letting people from my past have so much control over my emotions.
- update my blog more often
- run a new hobby
- lose more weight :p
- grab and eat as much as i can in the Seoul Garden :p (inshaallah this 13th Jan)
- going to the renovated Genting Highland Theme Park omg
- and
- travel would be nice

Gonna be a busy year, but I look forward to it!

But tbh 2017 will not be a restart. It will be a continuation of the things. We should to shoulder what had been done, and change them. 

ah okay, time to study!!! take care u guys. 💓💓💓


  1. Hope your dreams come true =)

  2. Are you still in the exam mode? Good luck on your upcoming papers & happy new year :) Hopefully 2017 will bring a lot of happiness for us.

  3. Happy new year :)
    "continuation", that's an accurate word for 2017.

  4. good luck qilah for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  5. Good luck in whatever you do kak qila 💗

  6. Happy new year to you and hopefully you could achieve your resolutions.. :D

  7. Salam Tahun Baru 2017 :)

  8. Happy new year!! Study? Tgh exam mode ke skarang? Hahaha *joking*

  9. Happy new year qilaaaa! :D

  10. happy new year qila! tengah final kan? all the best okayyy <3

  11. comelnya kucing :)
    selamat tahun baru

  12. happy new year qilaaa! hopefully 2017 will be a good year for all of us. :D
    all the best! :)

  13. kipidap..kadang2 akan wujud azamyang tak pernah ur life to the fullest gittew.. happy 2017 !

  14. happy new year qilaa :)

  15. May all your wishes really do come true, qila! Tetibe sebak. Haha rinnduuuu


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