Thursday, June 30, 2016


When you sin, it was said that a black dot appears on your heart. I wonder just how dark and messed up my heart would look if I can see it now. May Allah purify my heart and accept my deeds during this month as it is in need of cleaning.

Everyone is saying how Ramadan has passed us by so quickly, and they’re right. Although the truth is that our life is passing by us, faster and faster every day and the day we enter our graves is only coming closer with every breath we take. So ask yourself, what have I prepared for my grave?


  1. Give me the strength to hold on to the only thing that’s making sense right now. My faith in You,ya Allah.

  2. Not enough not much in fact feeling like i owe Him. Ease my task Ameen.

  3. I want to thank you for this post. I want to be a better Muslim yet sometimes I've forgotten and take it for granted. Thanks qilehlehhh. =D

  4. gambar yg pertama tu betul2 buat saya terkesan. thankyou qila :')

  5. betul tu cepat sangat masa berlalu dah nak raya dah T_T hmmm nice entry qilah!


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