Wednesday, March 30, 2016

W.w - a girl.

He he he. This is so me. Tipu lah tak ingat kihkih.

A girl, no matter how many times she denies it,  she will always remember every detail, every moment, every piece of the memories you've left her. Not matter how much she tries to forget, it will always be there. 
So dear girl out there who get hurts, it's okay to get hurt, it's okay to cry a river, it's okay okay? :)
I hope that someday Allah swt will fill u with so much happiness that it heals every part of you. 
Amin! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

W.w - tongue

Don't let your tongue mention someone's fault.
You are also full of faults; and people have tongues too. :')
Susah kan nak jaga lidah......heh.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Cara pilih jodoh. Eh.

Pilihlah jodoh dengan dua cara. Pertama, jadilah orang yang baik. Insya-Allah, kita akan mendapat jodoh yang baik. Kedua, ikutlah pilihan orang yang baik. Orang yang baik akan memilih yang baik untuk jadi pasangan hidup kita.       —  Ustaz Pahrol

Pssst: Gambar tu cute gila kan? Ahaks. Terjumpa lagi dekat Twitter. 
Perfect caption dia mcm "Dah ready???"

HAHAHAHAHA. Of course la dah ready nak kahwin wuhuw! Eh tak tak. It's just that the picture. So cute i cannot betul la hiks. Nak pilih jodoh mende nya takde benda nak dipilihkan pun sebab takde calon uhuhhu. OKbai!!!
Salam jumaat semua hihi. Jgn lupa kahfi tau tau tau! Okaiiiii baiiiii

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

W.w - How to be rich ASAP

If you want to feel rich just count ALL the things you have, that money cannot buy.

Well, i got air to breath, functional lungs to suck the air, functional body, a face, not-so-flawless skin, a pair of eyes to see things clearly, a nose to smell good&smelly things, a tongue to taste,talk, legs to walk, hands to even type these!!!! Wowowow. Oh oh ohhhhhhhh i got umi, abah, kakak, pip, alim, azim. Etc etc. Mashaallah. Oh wow! I do feel rich now hihihi.
Haih. Ya allah, Forgive me whenever i'm ungrateful!
You have blessed me with so much, how could i ever be ungrateful???

Alhamdulillah! ^_^

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why sephora why :(

Haih. Taa kuadd betul lah kalau masuk Sephora. Ececeh. Acah banyak duit je nak beli hahaha. It's just that the colors.... Kalau kaya woi nak beli satu Sephora. Ok tak tak gurau je. It's so calming ok tengok lautan liptik, lautan warna warni hihik! Anyway!!!! Why is stuff at Sephora so expensive?
Qila was soooooo tempted to buy one of the lipstick, one of the foundation, one of the ni tula but nah. Such a dugaan for me. Haha. And i keep reminding myself this one simple thing hihi.
Dear Aqilah, you're always beautiful without any extras needed. Never forget that!!!
~ Adam, my acquaintance. Hiks. Alhamdulillah qila tak into makeup stuffs. Suka perati je. I'm more into menternak lemak. Ihiihih.
Cantik kan color dia ihihihi mcm so colorful so bright so cutezzz!!! Mcm gula gula k bai hihu.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Launch of YourNutella @ 1U

Ok hi goodnight semua huhu. Nutella ada nama baru tau tau. It's called........ YOURS!!! Weee~ Jom serbu One Utama untuk buat nutella jenama sendiri hihi. Ingat Nutella tipu. Rupanya bebetul wiwiwi. Kemain betul. RM15 je okay hihi boleh letak nama kita but.....
The queue is so long meh. Ni kakak qila dah gi beratur tadi haha. Besok dia nak beratur lagi buat untuk whole family members hahaha bekalan nutella. Gitewwww! Ok thats all heeee. Nightz!
Yang tak larat tu nak beratur jelah kan huhuw!
Eceh ceh. Bangga lettew because she've been dying to get her own kind of nutella. Haha. 

9th March - 13th March dekat One Utama! Sampai Ahad ni ok????
Ps; Cant wait to get mine!!!! Hihih.
Ok mine is here heheheheehehe 

W.w : Mistakes.

You can't call it a mistake if you keep doing it over and over again.

Wooops. But people make mistakes? over and over again? :( Well. 
The people who never make mistakes......are those who never try anything.

Pape jelah although it seems contradict huh. Anyway,
xoxo ~ Channing Tatum :p hiks.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Do what u love, love what u do

Suka this quotes. Sangat. Sangat.
“If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.”

“Your heart belongs to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. If you fill your heart with the love of dunya then you will be heartbroken. So, fill your heart with the love of your Creator.”

“Don’t run for the love of people. Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala is the controller of hearts. If you meet and love people for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala then eventually Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala will put love in the hearts of people for you but always keep your intention pure that you are doing to please Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala not to gain the love of people.”

“Allah has a perfect plan for us and it’s exactly going the way it was planned. Trust Him and be patient. Allah knows what’s best for us.”

Sorry. I got nothing to post now. Haha. Busy ok ada life. Ececeh. Hahah but true tho :( Tak sangka dah bulan 3 huhu. Serious aaaaaaa. Nanti bulan 4. Pastu!!!! Bulan 6 puasa woi!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha. Currently busy with tertunggak self-notes, assigments, presentations, blergh. Rindu nak duduk depan laptop berjam jam hihu.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Ultimate Goals.

I need to pray on time, with full heart & concentration. Be more patient. And lowering my gaze because........ there are so many gorgeous guys in iium. Ok.........bai

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

W.w - shrek

they judge me before they even know me. that's why i'm better off alone :(((
eeee sedih nya kesian shrek!!!
but after awhile, you learn to ignore the names people call you
and you just trust who you are.


imma shrek. hihi tetiba.