Friday, February 5, 2016


  1. Today will be my day
  2. I am the best me there is
  3. I know that I'M A WINNER
  4. I can do it, I know I can
  5. Allah will always be with me :)
Juse be positive and believe in yourself. Get rid of those negative vibes! Shuh shuh!
Honestly, qila terrrrrrrberair mata sikit sebab stress takut nak degree bagai ni haha. Mcm what is my ambition, what i want to be, why i chose accounting instead of islamic finance/business. Qila jadi superblank and ugh. I know nothing in this life is easy but takut susah sampai i cant handle. Dia mcm nak jawab exam. Haha. Seram sejuk je. Huhu. But then, after everything settled down...... Alhamdulillah. Haha puas hati qila after i unfollow those negative vibes. Boleh boleh I can do this. Okay qila ok??? Qila deserve to be happy. (~^-^)~ Gituw. 
Dear self yang comel lawa gojes, ahaks.
Degree life is gonna be tougher than what u hv been thought *muka serious*
Time management kena tiptop and kena lebih sadokan hati. Hahaha i know you can do it big gurl
Just enjoy your life there. Making more friends will be great tho. 
Inshallah accountant to be within 4 years. My prayer goes for u. All the best in another level of life.
Make you parents proud k? Muah muah!

Ye qilah jangan risau you will be alright. Jangan risau. U can do it! If i can, if everyone else can.
Why can't you?
Usaha itu penting. No matter how hard, if you usaha your hardest, God will help u.
Don't worry usaha doa tawakal ingat tu! It's okay you will be fine.
You will do great. Remember abah and umi. You have to make them proud af. 
So that they will be like Yeah my daughter studied accounting in iium and got 3.5 above.

When people ask about their kids they will know what to asnwer. 
People will be like wow they actually have intelligent kids.
Just study and do your best. And never ever skip your prayers.
You will be fine.
You like it or not you have to face it so just go for it! Do your best! Kick some ass!
Show to the people who think you are not good. Prove them wrong. 
Alhamdulillah, how can i not love these girls in my life? Seriously, alhamdulillah! And may allah bless you-know-who-you-are :') And yes! Everyone has their own struggles. So do i. Therefore, please make yourself positive ok? Cari lah kawan yang boleh buat kita feel better, be better. And i really reaaaally miss blogging! Hihi. 
 P/s: it's really hard to be content. To finally be happy and fully bersyukur with my appearance. To be confidence. To feel pretty. To be pretty. To cut my lust. To cut my sugars. To cut carbs. To eat protein only. To count calories. To burn the fats. To stay strong. To keep on having faith. To not give up. To not let yourself low. To keep on moving. To not be stressed or depressed. To stop feeling like shit. Ugh. It's hard. Like i said, everyone has their own struggles. Okay? Thanks. Bye.



  2. Hi Aqilah.. (mcm pggil nama sendiri) hihihi..
    think positive and positive things will happen. All the best.=)

  3. tawakal in everything we do :D masa study pun tawakal jugak tawww, dengan harapan Allah permudahkan kita nak belajar, senangkan faham, kuatkan ingatan :)

  4. wahhhh, nice one.
    i need this oso T^T

  5. I'm trying my best to be positive in life. I hope you can do it too. Goodluck for your degree :)

  6. all the best qila, u can do it :) caiyok caiyok.. positif positif kay :)

  7. saya sekarang baru sambung degree baru nak masuk sem 2. once we made decision then leave it to Allah (Tawakal) insyaAllah kalau tak lari dari landasan yang sepatutnya pastinya akan bertemu dgn jalan penghujung yang baik :)

  8. sending +++positivity to you........


  9. jangan stress sangat. just follow the flow. kak ima dulu pun camtu gak. skrg dah keje dah. heheh

  10. be positive,be great. muah

  11. mula nak feeling energised..part p/s..mai kat to cut sugars..carbs..focus on protein..huu macam lawak huhu.seronok baca

  12. salam qila!,
    ala nangis! dah tak apa nangis la qila akak pon tak larat nak nangis untuk habis kan diri , sampai kadang rasa ya Allah cepat la habis semua ni haa.

    tapi kadang2 itu motivate kita untk lagi lagi lagi berusaha:)

    ingat Allah takkan letak ditempat yang kita tak mampu :)
    dan InsyaAllah Qila mampu ^^

  13. seriously degree memang bukan mudah. dr. ben ada cakap sia-sia saja kita sambung degree kalau kita jenis belajar last minute. sebab itu kita sebagai student kena well prepared =)

  14. All the best kak Qilah,kak Qilah comel,Kak Qilah hebat! Fighting!

  15. Enjoy ur life hehe Sentiasa ingat Allah dan Ibu bapa okay qila :) Bittaufiq wannajah :)

  16. Enjoy ur life hehe Sentiasa ingat Allah dan Ibu bapa okay qila :) Bittaufiq wannajah :)

  17. Stay strong, Qila! :)

    Manis sangat sahabat-sahabat Qila ni. Degree life can be terrifying, I know but insya Allah, you can do it :)

  18. woman up Qila !
    all the best !

    Deen List, Dean List.
    Achieve both, insyaLLAH
    u'll success ! ^_^

  19. all the best Qila! :) yg penting jangan lupa study and tinggal ibadah insya-Allah semuanya berjalan ngan baik baik aje

  20. All the best Aqila.. :)

    Jangan takut2 okey. Be happy and always positive!

  21. masalah qila ni ape're thinking too much on what people think about you...and trying to pleased others rather than thinking about yourself...just be yourself, do whatever you think you're capable enough :)


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