Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tips study :)

So obviously...... This is... Tips study by me he he he.
Sebab harini last day Taaruf Week yay! & sebab class dah nak start so nak cari semangat study hehe.

Ok fine fine result qila haritu takde la gempak hahahahah cukup cukup makan je but still i find this tips yg sangat membantu saya untuk cukup cukup makan hahahahah so i would love to share with all students out there some study tips as it might help to improve nowadays students academic performance wuhuw! Lets get started! 

Letak tangan dekat dada, pasang niat. Sesungguhnya aku belajar kerana Allah. Okay?
Ingat, Allah yang suruh kita belajar. Hugs!

Before class starts, you should

1. READ UP ON TOPIC so that bila masuk topik baru takde la hegeh lembab tak tahu apa apa. At least selak pun jadi lah huhu.

2. MUST HAVE PROPER BREAKFAST in the morning. A cup of  hot chocolate, Milo, Oligo Coco, Ovaltine is good enough to supply some energy for ur body ;)

During the lessons, be attentive

3. Involve yourself in class. Jgn membisu je nanti tahu tahu dah tertidor hahah! If it is the time to speak, u should speak out! Pssst. Honestly, this is so hard for meh hahahah self confidence pls come to me pls baby

4. Not to forget, take down notes!!! Conteng sikit sikit pun jadi la sbb some lecturers cakap WAY TO FAST so kena pepandai la buat symbol ke, icon ke, teehee! Shortform yg kita sendiri paham sebab siapa lagi nak baca notes tu kalau bukan diri sendiri kan?!?!! :')

After class

5. you must TRY YOUR BEST to complete your homework pls! Bcs indeed some students balik je terus tidor pastu lupa buat hw. Haih! Mohon siapkan secepat mungkin! (maybe u could make a deal with yourself;; kalau siap hw boleh tgk satu movie!) Ha at least siap gak kan.

6. Make some colorful&review notes for your ownself :) 

7. Kalau malas nak buat yg ^atas^ tu, make some reference if u do not completely understand any topic. I mean u can google them *wink* tgk youtube etc.

8. Form a study group so that you and your group could share ideas on studying.
(OPTIONAL i guess bcs girls cannot study without having some chitchat which could lead to gossiping) huhuhu. But seriously it is optional bcs me myself pun tak buat bcs i love to study by my own hehe. Kalau dah susah baru nk cari kawan hahahahh i mean takmo nyusahkan kawan hehe gituw. Dongibap!

Okay i really hope these study tips that I hv given to all of u might help u from now.
Whatever u do, do it GOOD!
May all of us can improve ourself to change this world for better!
P/s: Maintaining a v. good CGPA is indeed very stressful. Every semester has been a torture. But of courses, it's worth it! And to maintain a good CGPA, u need to consistently do well for your coursework, understand the lessons & elaborate thoroughly in your exams! :) All the best, dearself :)


  1. Nice entry! hihi semua point memang fieyqa praktikkan selalu kecuali yg last. i tak hado study group. tak minat hahaha.

  2. hehe. sya buat gini jugak tp mmg susah nak study group. semua bz. dlm kelas catat note shortform bagai, time study tak fhm dah apa benda lah tulis dlm klas td. hehe

  3. good tips qila ! 1st class hons. candidate ni haaa.
    be a deen and dean list student, okay?
    don't forget to keep praying because everything comes from Him.
    boleh amalkan Surah an-Nur ayat 35 after solat ^_^
    insyaALLAH terang hati.

  4. chayok chayok qila. u ken do it! takmo malas malas okay. mesti habiskan kerja sekolah!!!! hahahahks :PPP all the best for you qilaaa!! hugssssss <333

  5. Asalam qila..baru akak smpt bw cne hhi

  6. Habis baca je terus jerit sensorang, "FIGHTING!!!" dengan gaya gaya sekali. Hahahahaha... Thanks for the tips tauuu. Most of the tips are actually been practice by me as well hehehe.. All the best in our studies! :D

  7. biasanya kalau study group dgn classmates which is semua lelaki, harapan punah nak buat revision hahahah anywayy thnx for sharing yaa <3 <3

  8. salam qila ni bagi akak lakan, hehehe, masa study tu kalau nak baca dulu sebelum kelas memang tak laa. heheh.

    tapi bab study group meman best , takyah nak stress 2 just enjoy je dalam study group tu

  9. Bolehlah akak praktikkan mana yang akak belum praktikkan lagi.

  10. good tips! kalau betul2 apply sure berjaya! ;)

  11. Thanks for the tips ! InshaaAllah, akan dipraktikkan. Sem baru semangat baru :)

  12. Thanks for the tips ! InshaaAllah, akan dipraktikkan. Sem baru semangat baru :)


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