Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How To Use The Mobile Version Of CouponBelanja

Hi?! If you are looking for discount coupons for major online stores in Malaysia, visit CouponBelanja. CouponBelanja is one of the leading coupon sites in Malaysia. It has 60+ online stores, and it offers exciting deals and coupon codes for all of its stores: Lazada, Zalora, Luxola, Amazon, Rakuten, Reebonz.

Many of you are familiar with the desktop version of CouponBelanja. Recently with the surge of mobile users in Malaysia, we thought, we would run you through some of the features in our mobile version, so that you can conveniently use CouponBelanja though your mobile devices.

Here we would look at some of the features of the mobile version of CouponBelanja.
If you are accessing CouponBelanja from your smartphone, browse for
  • You can acces multiple features from this screen itself. 
  • Access the hot deals at the top of the screen.
  • Search for your store or your product category from the right of the screen. 
  • Access the Stores and the Categories page directly from the buttons below.

The top of the page has the banner that has some of the current hot offers. You can then see the ‘Featured Coupons’. Featured Coupons are the coupons that our experts suggest for you. These are the coupon codes that giving discounts are worth availing, and you should check.

Scroll down to ‘Popular Coupons’. These are the coupons that are popular among users, and our users are often using to get discounts from the stores.

You can select these coupons from the ‘Popular Stores’ and ‘Feature Coupons’, or you can search from our search browser. 

There are also two other ways to look for your coupons. One is by looking for the Stores and the other by Categories. 

Reach to your Store by using the search button at the top or using the store at the bottom of the screen. Type in the name of the store and browse for your coupons.

You can also look for Product Categories. Suppose you are looking for best offers for Apparels and Accessories. Select your Category as shown below and browse through various stores currently offering discounts on apparels.

For convenience, we would now walk you through an example. Suppose we want to buy a Satin Drape Sleeve Blouse from Zalora Malaysia. We search and find our desired item at Zalora. ‘Add to Bag’ after you decide to buy.

Before you checkout, visit Zalora store at Browse through the coupons and deals that are currently available at Zalora. View the coupon and long tap to copy code.
Come back and paste the code at Zalora Malaysia by long tap the field “Apply Promo Card or Gift Card’. You can now see the change in price in the site.
See that's how easy it is to use CouponBelanja! :)

This way you can visit stores like Foodpanda, Groupon and many more and before you check out, browse through CouponBelanja, apply its promo code and enjoy a range of products with prices well within your budget.

You can also access other interesting features at the site.  You should also visit our blog using the menu on left top corner of the screen. Otherwise, browse to

Here you go, tips on how to save while buying products at various online stores at Malaysia.


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