Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Yyyear!

guess whos not ready for 2017???
  heres a hint, 
its me lol
I’m sorry I haven’t been as active lately! I’ve been huge into reading lately. I am still checking my messages.I’m still always here if any of you need me. I promise! Hope you all are having a great weekend! 2016 The last dayπŸŒˆπŸ’– :P

So it’s been a hell of a roller coaster ride in this year. I’m at most appreciative of so many things be it sad or happy. I’m happy these adventures ended off smoothly till this day where we embark on our new adventure into a new year. I hope everything and everyone around the world put down the past and reach out towards the future that’s coming forth for us. 

A new year, new you. But never forget the love.

Come on buckle up, we are going to take up a new roller coaster ride and this is gonna be as exciting as the day we embark during 2016. Anywaysssss

New Year resolutions/goals/wtv
- stop letting people from my past have so much control over my emotions.
- update my blog more often
- run a new hobby
- lose more weight :p
- grab and eat as much as i can in the Seoul Garden :p (inshaallah this 13th Jan)
- going to the renovated Genting Highland Theme Park omg
- and
- travel would be nice

Gonna be a busy year, but I look forward to it!

But tbh 2017 will not be a restart. It will be a continuation of the things. We should to shoulder what had been done, and change them. 

ah okay, time to study!!! take care u guys. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Study week. . .

when you just realize how much you have to study for finals:
finalstestsschoolcollegecryingeatingcrying and eatingstressedstressed final exam week ugh gah ugh!

Har har har hi semua! So
It’s final week and you know what that means! 
Studying till you cry and then crying because you’re not studying and then crying because you have to take a final…. oh, my bad. Its crying week.

And here is one study tip
Doakan qila tak nangis dah and pls wish me luck as ill be need that for later iihihi bye!

But wait.

"Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, 
so that we can see life with a clearer view again."


Monday, October 3, 2016

The end.

Assalamu'alaikum. I hope anyone who whoever reading this keep reading to waste ur time hahahaha.
“Behind all this, some great happiness is hiding.”
— Yehuda Amichai
Dear whoever is reading this: I wish you a life full of warmth and happiness and love.  I really hope you’re okay. And if you aren’t now, you will be. Okay? 

So things have been happening. I was so physically fatigued & mentally exhausted that I'm nearly at the point of giving up. But never! I need to move on. Alhamdulillah i still survived, still pushed through.

It's just that...... No matter how hard you want to improve, people will still put a label on you. Only Allah knows your real intention. Always, always put your trust in Allah. He knows better but you do not 😊❤️

Maybe i'm too concerned for dunya that i feel a little too ignorant for akhirah.
And for that, i always forgot that Allah loves me; way better than other people could ever love me.

Things change. There's ups and downs. That's..... Life.

And... Don't act like you're better than somebody else, we all sin, just differently.

What makes one better than another is not intelligence, fame or money,
but it is the willingness to be obedient to the will of Allah. 
(Read : What makes a person better from others is their taqwa, 
and only Allah knows of a person's taqwa.)

Allah created us all the same. So what makes you better than anyone else?
Who are u to judge people? Is that not for Allah to judge? 

I do wonder what had happened to husnuzon............. Heh.

Anyways!!!! I'm so sorry for everything. Thanks for reading this.
Thanks for everything, to each one of u. Thank u for existing! :) 

Salam Awal Muharram
  • May Allah only take our soul when He is pleased with us. 
  • May Allah forgive all our past wrongdoings and accept our repentance. 
  • May the year ahead be showered with blessings.
  • May allah remove my sadness and replace it with a very beautiful rainbow.

And May whatever good comes from this blog be my salvation in the hereafter and may the the bad from here be forgiven by the most merciful. Amin 🌸 Goodbye xx

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wordless Wednesday - Society

Susah lah hidup kalau kita ni suka sangat jaga tepi kain orang? ☹

Maybe sometimes you should just shut your mouth?
Stop lah. Tolong lah stop assume benda negatif tak habis habis.
Like serrrrriously, WHAT HAPPENED TO HUSNUZON???
Can you stop that kind of behaviour.....

And satu lagi, nak tanya je.

Tak penat ke mengumpat je tahu? 

Eh tak, kita nak tanya je. Sighs. Society sucks.

Orang orang ceni lah yang selaluuuuu down kan kita pastu buat2 tak bersalah pastu kita yang disalahkan pastu pastu aku pun tak tahu aku bebel apa ahahahahaha ok bai.

No worries, i'm okay :) It's just that i'm tired. Tak sabar nak tidor and start a new day tomorrow!!!
FIGHTING qilah!!!!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Counting days.

Well, 31st hari merdeka was my last day working there :( (Refer my prev post ; HERE) Sedih TT_TT sbb kerja situ best tak penat langsung ahahha. My job scope is so cute. Everyone is so nice to me. Takde bully2 hahah! Makan pun sedap hewhew.
Hi kakak. Lagi sebulan je nok nikoh doh :p siapa nak kad kahwin boleh pm :p
Papai kakak, kak diy & kak tika! Going to miss u girls so much :(

And then did some farewell party. Hehe. Well i baked some congo bars, bought Kenny Rogers and i got pretzel from Veron hihu. Tenciu Veron ure such a cutie. Hahah.
Sedihhhh but tak sedih sangat sebab next month will be seeing them again inshaallah!
 And yes, i met these very famous beautiful girls TT_TT (princessmeenie & putreeo!)
Weh sumpah la diorang flawless in reality.
Serious seriously flawless. Hihu. And friendly too. Haih. Diorang punya aura tu aaduhai.

So i decided to splurge my money on skincare > makeup. Yup.
I want to take care of my skin very very well hahahah. Org lain mungkin obses dgn makeup ke pe kan. I think im into skincare stuffs. Can't wait to update my new skincare routine. Heee.

Ok sedih balik sebab dah habis parttime and now i have to slap myself sebab lusa nak masuk uia dah.

Hello uia :') Till we meet again! -_-

Pack sangat sangat sem ni punya class hahah.
Harap i can cope with it and kurus a bit ke. Eh haha.We'll see.

Packing time, papai. I'll make sure i blogwalk everyone tomorrow night wuhuw!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

W.w : I'm going to be

20 soon! Hehe

Next week 10th August birthday qila hehe :D So yeah.To be precise, im 20 next week wiwiwi but now i'm still 19 ok. NineTEEEEEN. Teen-ager lagi ok so pls. Hahaha k bai!
Im turning 20 and still dont hv a boyfriend. Wow. I'm such a good girl aeh pelis la. Hahah.

Eh jap. Im still a teenager ok. Twenteeeen. :P 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

How to Deal with Toxic People

If you can’t escape the toxic people in your life, just:

1. Don’t allow them to manipulate you into acting in certain ways
(For example, don’t allow them to control you by being moody, demanding or rude.)

2. Don’t tip toe around them or live your life walking on egg shells.

3. Don’t make excuses for their bad behaviour or their inappropriate and over-the-top reactions.

4. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself and to call things what they are (Often we are too polite to say anything, especially in social settings. However, that just perpetuates the situation, and keeps you feeling trapped and negative.)

5. Don’t allow them to play emotional games. For example, speak up when they are being rude and offensive by saying something like “Was it your intention to try to make me look bad when you said that?) Often a direct approach, especially in public, is very effective.

6. Establish personal boundaries. Do not allow other people to treat you in rude or disrespectful ways. Remember that we teach other people how to treat us!

7. Remember not to take things personally as it’s really about THEM, and not you.

It's reaaaally hard when there are so many toxic people nowadays. But dass ok!
We live to please Allah, not them :-)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Eat it!

What my sister says to me.... ALL THE TIME!!!?

Hahahah! Please lah kakak. Stop gemukkan adik kau boleh tak ugh!!!!!!
So tempting to take ALL like seriously every single food which served. Astaghfirullah. Teruk nau nau weh kalau qila takleh kawal my lusts for food. Hahah!

Penat la gi openhouse (ececeh) susah betul kalau cuti sem ni haih. Umi masak sedap2.
Tak habis2 tanya nak makan apa adududuh. Jgn la masak fevret food kita TT_TT
Hahahaha. But seriously, T_T I eat a lot like sumpah banyak rasa mcm belon dah.

Ceteka mana satu belon.
Ni ha belon. I'm one happy fat balloon hahaha.
#TeamRayaGombak #TeamTakPakaiHighHeels #TeamBabyPink

Jom gi tengok The Purge 3rd : The Election????? Anyone???? 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mat Ri Ye

Hahaaha over betul shortform nya. Selamat Hari Raya everybodeh! Hihi. Jangan makan lemang , rendang,ketupat, kuih raya banyak2 eh. Ihiks. Alhamdulillah. Raya sudah. Masa ni lah nak mintak ampun dgn umi abah ekeke. (walaupun patut mintak ampun tiap2 hari hee)

Well, Happy Eid Mubarak 😊 everyone!
Don't forget to keep up with the good deeds :) Jgn sedih2 kalau ada orang luka kan hati kita. 
Even if it comes from ur own family members. Okay?
Okay. Bai. Huhuhu. 
$$$$$$$ raya come to mehhhhh. Can't wait to shop till drop hihih. Take care semua! 

Thursday, June 30, 2016


When you sin, it was said that a black dot appears on your heart. I wonder just how dark and messed up my heart would look if I can see it now. May Allah purify my heart and accept my deeds during this month as it is in need of cleaning.

Everyone is saying how Ramadan has passed us by so quickly, and they’re right. Although the truth is that our life is passing by us, faster and faster every day and the day we enter our graves is only coming closer with every breath we take. So ask yourself, what have I prepared for my grave?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (melted choc inside)

Weh sumpah la ni ONE of the best chocolate chip cookies i ever taste serious tak tipu oi.  Memang ni masuk list the best ones. Bayangkan, cookies ni crispy dekat luar pastu pergh peh peh! Chewy lembut je dekat tengah2. Allahu. Sumpah kecur liuq. But yeah, mana ada cookies yang tak sedap kan huhuhu. Okay? And guess what? Qila jumpa tiga resepi 'chewy-soft' chocolate chip cookies dari AveryCooks which are: 
I’ve been on the quest to find the perfect end-all be-all chocolate chip cookie recipe. And this recipe is as close as I’ve come. The process of making the dough follows standard cookie-dough making protocol. Beat softened butter and cream it with both brown and granulated sugars. There is a higher ration of brown sugar …:
Softbatch Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies - Move over butter, cream cheese makes these cookies thick and super soft!: The Best Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies - My favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies! Just one bite and I think you'll agree!:
Memang penat sikit duk try and hafal rasa each recipe ehehe. But takpe! Demi cekolet chips yang sedap na mampos hahah! Ok so here's the comparison.
  1. CHOC CHIP AND CHUNK COOKIES - rasa dia sedap! Tapi mcm typical and keras sikit compare to creamcheese bawah ni.
  2. SOFTBATCH CREAM CHEESE CHOC CHIP COOKIES - dia kurang kan butter sikit, and tambah cream cheese. Hasilnya, sangat sangat lembut mashaallah! Memang mcm brownies uhuhuhu.
  3. THE BEST SOFT AND CHEWY CHOC CHIP COOKIES - guna instant pudding mix. Well sadly i didnt found any so qila decided tak guna resepi ni huhuhu.
Okay ni qila ada translate sikit ek the resepi haha. Sebab mat salleh ni selalu guna by cup. Pening haku. And lepas google bagai baru la qila translate ihihih. And qila ada kurangkan gula sebab lebih kan chocolate chunks tu peh peh peh memang meleleh! Heee.

1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
¼ cup cream cheese, softened (use cream cheese in a block or spreadable, don't use fat-free, light or whipped)
¾ cup light brown sugar, packed
¼ cup granulated sugar
1 large egg
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons cornstarch
1 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch salt
2 1/4 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips or chunks (I used 1 cup chips and 1 1/4 cups chunks)
Tweak-ed Ingredients by me:
•1/2 cup (113 g) unsalted butter, softened
•¼ cup (57g) cream cheese, softened (use cream cheese in a block or spreadable, don't use fat-free, light or whipped)
•¾  cup (171g) brown sugar
•2 teaspoons of white sugar
•1 large egg
•2 teaspoons vanilla extract
•2 1/4 cups (288g) all-purpose flour
•2 teaspoons cornstarch
•1 teaspoon baking soda (sodium bikarbonat) BUKAN BAKING POWDER OK.
•Pinch salt
•3/4 cup chocolate chips + 1 cup DARK chocolate bar chunks + 1/2 cup of any nuts (i used cashew nuts) 

  1. Combine the butter, cream cheese, sugars, egg, vanilla, and beat on medium-high speed until well-creamed, light and fluffy, about 5 mins.
  2. + the flour, cornstarch, baking soda, optional salt, and mix until just combined, about 1 minute.
  3. + chocolate chips and chunks.
  4. Using a medium 2-inch cookie scoop, form heaping mounds (I made 30). Cover with plasticwrap, and refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or up to 5 days, before baking. Do not bake with warm dough because cookies will spread and bake thinner and flatter.
  5. Preheat oven to 350F, line a baking sheet &
  6. Spaced at least 1-2 inches apart. Bake for 8 to 9 minutes, or until edges have set and tops are just beginning to set, even if slightly undercooked, pale and glossy in the center. 
  7. Do not bake longer than 10 minutes as cookies will firm up as they cool (The cookies shown in the photos were baked with dough that had been chilled overnight, allowed to come to room temp for 15 minutes, and were baked for 8 minutes, with trays rotated at the 4-minute mark. They have chewy edges with soft, pillowy centers).
  8. Allow cookies to cool on the baking sheet for 5 minutes before removing and transferring to a rack to finish cooling.
Okay!!! Kalau nak buat cookies yang sedap, ni lah tips tips dia ok? no matter which one you try:
  1. Use butter. If it isn’t butter, don’t bother. Just don't use margarine la. Really.
  2. Milk chocolate chunks – I like to buy the dark chocolate bar (cadbury, beryl, etc), chop it up and use in ONE recipe. You can substitute any flavour if that’s what you prefer.
  3. Chill the dough. No matter what. Trust me. Portion into dough balls and chill, covered, in the refrigerator OR put whole of dough directly in the freezer.
  4. Use dark brown sugar if possible, even if the recipe calls for light brown. Dark brown provides more caramelized brown sugar flavor.
  5. Don’t bake at less than 350 degrees. I often preheated the oven to 375 or even 400 degrees, put the cookies in at 375 for a few minutes then lowered the heat to 350 or 360. This helps the cookies set faster before they spread too much. But I don't recommend baking the whole time at 375 or 400 or else the chips start to burn before your cookies are done.
  6. Don’t overbake! Ever. Bake just until the edges are golden brown and the middles don’t look like raw melted dough. If the edges are already too brown and the middle still looks doughy, take them out anyway. Once they set, they’ll still be okay. But if you overbake, make sure overbake untill it become whole crunchy hahaha. Takkan jadi soft cookies dah la hihi.
  7. Make the dough balls big, at least golf-ball size. This isn’t the time to be dainty.
  8. Don’t bake too many at once. The beauty of making dough balls and freezing them is you can bake only as many as you need when you need them.
Qila terletak chocolate sikit so tak banyak yg melt hihihihi. And nanti kalau bake lagi qila memang akan tukar resepi untuk kurangkan gula tapi tambah banyak choc chips! Mesti lagi sodap. Macam makan chocolate bar tapi ada cookie ciked. Ekeke. Memang suits for the chocolate lovers.
So please please have a try!!!! Hehehe. Kalau nak try ketiga tiga pun boleh nggak ada masalah but personally, qila and family and friends memang in love with SoftBatch Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies...... :') hiks. Ni lah yang paling sesuai dgn tekak melayu kut ekeke. Ok done my 1st snack kuih raya wuhuw! 

Resepi recipe chocolate chip cookies paling mudah sedap ringkas ;) biskut cokelat cip enak  !

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Eid is comingggg

Hihihi kemain kan nak raya dah! Tapi kena try so hard to please Allah in the last 10 days huhu. So these are 10 easy tips to a productive eid! 

  1. Takbir raya.
  2. Prepare your eid outfits earlier.
  3. Follow the sunnah before the eid prayer ;)
  5. Spread greetings of salaam.
  6. Visit family!!!!!
  7. Visit friends and neighbours!
  8. Increase your supplications.
  9. Stick to the good deeds.
  10. Exchange gifts!
Better kita siapkan baju apa semua kemas rumah terus slow slow. Nanti boleh focus 10 malam terakhir kan? :D And then kalau boleh kekalkan mana good deeds yang kita dah praktikkan dalam bulan puasa ni dan konsisten okay?
Selamat hari raya semua! Tak sabarnya nak stalk semorang punya baju raya hihi. Qila punya tema tahun ni ala ala Peach Salmon Coral Pink gitew. Ihihihih. Tema tahun ni uolls color apaaaaaaaaaaa uolls???

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

W.w : Oh My Venus

Forever favourite part πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ˜—πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’ž #ohmyvenus ihihiks.

Hahahah! Aduhai. I kenot betul la. Kan best kalau dapat Coachnim yang encem.
Confirm nanti mesti super motivated nak kurus hewhew.

Ok goodnight!!!! 20 days of fasting to go!!!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Face Massage / Serum Sensual Plus

This is hands down one of my favorite skin treatments to do on a weekly basis. Stimulating and promoting blood flow to your face using these techniques is super beneficial for promoting healthy, vibrant and glowing skin by increasing oxygen and nutrients to your cells, helping to produce collagen which is great for anti-aging, smoothening and preventing wrinkles, reducing puffiness, defining your features as well as helping to gradually fade scars and dark spots.
Annie Jeffrey used serum for the face massage. Tu yg qila gatal nak try serum ni. So jom start review!

Sensual Plus Serum
Cairan yang mengandungi formula aktif yang berguna untuk memperbaiki struktur kulit.Mempunyai molekul yang sangat kecil dan mampu meresap dengan mudah kedalam kulit.Konsentrasi serum adalah 10X ganda daripada KRIM.

Disamping itu juga serum mudah utk di apply ke muka.Tapi seperti yang kita sendiri sedia maklum serum biasa digunakan di salun kecantikan rawatan muka.Digunakan sebelum atau selepas melakukan rawatan muka.Ia juga sesuai digunakan kepada yang gemar menggunakan make up.

Ada 15 jenis serum.
  • 1.Hydrating - melembabkan kulit dan utk keseimbangan kulit.
  • 2.Eye care - hilangkan eye bag, lingkaran mata hitam
  • 3.Collagen -kolagen supplement utk kulit yg lebih anjal
  • 4.Soothing -utk kulit sensitif
  • 5.Purifying -utk kulit berminyak & jerawat
  • 6.Scar - menghilangkan parut jerawat
  • 7.Oxygenating -pembekal oxygen terus ke epidermis kulit
  • 8.Tigthening - mengecilkan pori2
  • 9.Vit C -supplement utk mencerahkan kulit
  • 10.Ligthening - mencerahkan kulit
  • 11.Regenerating -cell renewal
  • 12.Anti-wrinkle - mengurangkan kedut
  • 13.Lifting - untuk kulit yg lebih tegang dan mengurangkan kedut
  • 14.Beauty Shine Care-mencerahkan kulit
  • 15.Bust Care -untuk ketegangan breast 
Ok, boleh beli by loose/ kotak. 1 kotak 10 jenis serum je boleh muat. Boleh pilih 10 out of 15. Kira campur2 la. Qila pilih purifying, scar, tightening, vit C & bsc! Best! Satu botol boleh pakai dalam seminggu. (10 botol = 10 minggu = 2 bulan 2 minggu) Ha gitu.

Cara pakai & simpan serum
  • Pakai selepas cuci muka, pagi/malam sebelum pakai apa apa krim.
  • Tuangkan serum di tapak tangan sedikit sahaja (4-5 titis), sapu NIPIS dan urut sehingga serum meresap ke dalam wajah. Untuk kesan yang cepat pakai pada waktu pagi dan malam. Jangan pakai dua jenis serum dalam satu masa.
  • Dahulukan serum yang merawat masalah jerawat eg:soothing/purifying/tightening.
  • Untuk parut, hanya pakai di bahagian parut. 
  • Simpan dalam suhu bilik. Jangan masuk peti ais/ terkena cahaya matahari.

Pros: Muka qila tak banyak berubah pun. Ada la jugak jerawat tumbuh bila stress tu tapi kalau letak purifying memang cepat kecut and bila qila terrrrrr picit jerawat tu letak lagi serum tu memang takde scar langsung. Tapi serious best! Lepas raya kalau kaya mmg qila akan beli lagi heeee. Suka sangat2. Purifying memang best! Memang lembab je rasa muka. Tak berminyak tak kering. Pastu serum BSC & VIT C best gila sebab muka qila dah sekata lah jugak sikit ehehe. Sunburn hilang dah sikit yay! Memang best tapiiiiiii
Cons: Cepat sangat expired nya. I mean once you open the botttle, kena habiskan within a week or two. Kalau tak dia akan bussuk and rosak. (but obviously bagus aaaa serum ni sebab takde pengawet gitu kan huhu). So tak puas sikit lah hehe.

Okay done review. Boleh beli dekat instagram @chocovanilicious  :-) 
Dia jual murah and original no worries! Hehe #Roadto3G! #GrowGlowGraduate! 

Friday, June 10, 2016

8 steps to finish Quran

  1. Betul kan niat & renew your niat often!
  2. Must be positive! You are capable ok?
  3. Make time for Quran. Plan. Don't wait for free time.
  4. Understand the Quran. Read the translation :)
  5. Find Quran buddies if possible, compete! 
  6. Seize the moment.
  7. Remain consistent. Istiqomah!
  8. Make doa :)
But yup. Don't rush. Don't do it for the sake of finishing the Quran. 
The consistency is what matter most. Give each and every letter its right.
The right to be recited correctly and beautifully.

It doesnt matter if you're slow, as long as you feel calm and happy reading it, 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

7 Spiritual Productivity Habits.

  1. Recite 1 hour of Quran.
  2. Supplications before sleep! :D
  3. Zikir after salah
  4. Sunnah prayer
  5. Dhuha prayer
  6. Morning/Evening Zikir!
  7. Night prayer! (Terawih + Witr)

 Chaiyuk to #ProductiveRamadhan!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Eh habis dah first sem degree wuhuw!

*wish to insert more pics but nope bc i forgot nak selfie pre/post exam selfies*

Yuppie. Alhamdulillah berakhir sudah. Mcm tak sangka. Qila balik rumah pun rasa mcm balik weekend huhuhuhu. Tak sempat merdeka lagi ihiks!
Honestly, I dont know what to do.... Hahaha haritu focus sangat belajor tak plan pun nak buat apa 3 minggu cuti dkt rumah ekeke. Ingat one week before puasa ni nak makan puas2. Hewhew.

Tengok tengok eh harini dah 3rd June and then this Sunday night inshallah start terawih la kan? Pergh. So cepat masa berlalu huhuhu. 

Hm what else. Sekarang ni my to-do list qila is to :
  1. Khatam kan Oh My Venus & DOTS. (done done done!) OMG DOTS BEST! Unique. I expected too much but hey sangat simple sweet alahai tak banyak cheesy part but once it goes cheesy???? I meltz like an ice cream under the hot hot sun weh ahahahaha ok dah
  2. Khatam kan movies in my laptops and astro and latest movies yang qila tak sempat tengok wayang huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu sedih (including Zootopia BEST! Captain America, Xmen Apocalypse, Angry Bird) etc.
  3. Kemas bilik cecantik terus so nanti bila puasa focus ibadah je (hopefully) huhuhu istiqomah is very hard.
  4. Baca my library & reread my reading list on wattpads!!!!!!! Huargh wattpad sangat addictive T_T
  5. And idk.... Diet? Huhuhuhu nk kurus sikit untuk raya tahun ni. Tak pun kurus before my kakak's wedding heee. Mana tahu terjumpa jodoh masa tu ke kan huhuh k tak tak.
  6. Kalau bosan lagi...... MAYBE i'll rewatch repeat replay these 5 cute-romantic-mustwatch book-to-movie adaptations. Hoho

P/s; haritu kakak qila dah bertunang! Yay! Ok das all for this months. I'll blogwalking but........ macam takkan update je for bulan Ramadhan ni huhuhuhu. Entah!!!!? We'll seee! Ok take care everybodehhhhhhh. Because self care is veryyyyyy important ok?????

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gopro 4 is mine!

Hi! Alhamdulillah finally dapat pun pegang with my own bare hands. Lambat setahun pun takpe lah asalkan dapat Gopro kikiki. Speechless! Sumpah berdebar lepas dpt whasapp dr kak Ayue dia kata untung lah ada budak tewww menang gopro and im like HAH?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!


Rupanya tak terkono alhamdulillah thank you so much kak Iday & Lazada for hosting the contest! Click SINI untuk tengok contest raya tahun lepas heeee. So now boleh lah qila selpie dgn gopro nanti kan hiks.  Anyways!!!
Lawa kannn aduhai my new babyyyy hahaha.

Hi bloggie im back?????
miss me?

now dah boleh bergopro heee~ baru nak plan nak beli handy cam sony haritu lps survey eee best gila tengok and pegang itself mashaallah ringan harga pun mcm gulpp! hahahah alhamdulillah again! jom bergopro! wuuuuuuu!! Qila nak start berblogging dah yay! rindu nya eei. That feeling when all your exam payyypers dah berakhir wuhow hu huw!!!!!!
A really big thank you kak iday again for hosting the giveaway! Thanks lazada!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dearest sister :')

I’m happy for you. I really really, truly am. You’re my sister??!?!?! So of course I’m over the moon that you’re getting married!????? :) :) :)

You say our relationship will be the same. I know it will be different, that it already is. And I’m okay with that; I know it can’t stay the same. What hurts is that you don’t even realize that it’s already changed, that we’ve already changed. 

Haha. Sentimental sikit. Dah sah dah kakak qila nak kahwin dah :') Coooongratulations kakak & abe paih huhuhu. Dari kelate uw. Last week dia datang rumah jumpa umi abah. Hahah aku perati je abah perati ko hahahahahahahah. Nanti qila pulak kan. Eh. Haha. Alhamdulillah it went VERY VERY well. Abah tanya soalan picuw picuw qila mcm gulppp. Haha aku yang nervous untuk kakak sekali ish. Takut huiiii. Nak ready budget plan la. Ready ini la itu la. Phew. Im so NOT gonna get married......yet?
Dear future husband, bertabahlah. Abah ok je, muka je muka garang nak mampos. But he's ok. He's perfectly fine trust me okay? He loves me more than he hates you (bcs obviously kau perampas anak dia) Haha serious dia ok je. Asal iman mantap superb. Reti baca Quran, solat fardhu tak tinggal, boleh jadi imam. Ha cukup syarat dah bagi dia kihkih. Kalau ada rupa alhamdulillah. Kalau takde, bye bye from me kihkih. Anyway, sila curi hati umi sebab umi mmg mudah cair hahak. Dah la qila dah dah bye! Hmmmmmmmm. Harap ada la nak masuk meminang qila tahun ni hm hm. Takde ke. Hm. Duit hantaran tak banyak pun. RM50k cukup la untuk degree qila ni HAHAHAHA bye
So, who's next? ;) hihi. Kahwin gantung pun cam best gak en. Eh eh bye!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Huge Blessing

"Parents are a huge blessing. Whenever you look at them, say Alhamdulillah. Spend quality time with them. Love and hug them. Cherish each moment that you spend with them. This life is very short so serve them as much you can in shaa Allah...”

Nak mintak satu je, i reaaally wish we would reunited as a family in jannah later TT_TT

The love of my life. Hihi. I neeaaaaaaaarly got homesick sebab 3 weeks takbalik. Kihkih. But then they kidnapped me and we had a short and sweet and simple dinner together yay!
Finals are approaching. Tlg doakan pls! Maceh :') Sorry for the lack of updates. And certainly will blogwalking later. No worries! Hehe. And salam Rejab........pastu Syaaban pastuuuuu?!?!!?!!? RAMADHAN yayayay!!!! Pastu raya uhuhu T_T <- idk why i feel like crying. Maybe because im going to take short sem this year and probably i wont be spending my ramadhan + raya @ home? :-(((((( 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

W.w - keep trying.

Hi! Just want you to know that Allah didn't create us to be perfect.
He only wants us to not give up hope, repent, and keep trying. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Im here for you.

Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest.
It's about who walked into your life, said "I'm here for you" and proved it.

Yay. Alhamdulillah for all the friends that i have. May allah bless them and grant them success both in this life and in the hereafter :') thanks. For being there for me, for helping me, for your effort, for proving. Haih. How can i not love u guys? Seriously!? Thank you. Well, you know who u are. Xoxo!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Blog cantik tapi...

Sebagaimana cantik dan hebatnya reka bentuk blog yang dimiliki mu,
Biarlah secantik dan hebat itulah juga pengisian yang sampai kepada pembaca.

Lakukan lah sesuatu itu sebagaimana Allah mahu.
Moga Allah redha ^_^
Honestly, this pictures i found on tumblr struck me deep. Hahah! Bcs i know my pengisian sucks.... So tak berguna ye qilah woi kalau blog cantik but you share those silly posts? Hihi. So imma start delete lah post yang tak berguna tu huhu. Salam jumaat! Take care everyone :') Goodnight! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

W.w - a girl.

He he he. This is so me. Tipu lah tak ingat kihkih.

A girl, no matter how many times she denies it,  she will always remember every detail, every moment, every piece of the memories you've left her. Not matter how much she tries to forget, it will always be there. 
So dear girl out there who get hurts, it's okay to get hurt, it's okay to cry a river, it's okay okay? :)
I hope that someday Allah swt will fill u with so much happiness that it heals every part of you. 
Amin! :)