Monday, November 30, 2015

The Hunger Games :(

Thank you Suzanne Collins for writing this story and
thanks to the cast and crew for allowing for this this amazing story to come to life.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

  • Peeta:You love me. Real or not real?
  • Katniss:Real.
  • Me:*crying hysterically*
Sumpah la takleh move on huhu. Tak sangka 4 tahun kan!?!??! this time next year theres not gonna be a hunger games movie to watch 😕 Ish. I’ve seen mockingjay. I don’t know what to do with myself now. help me cope with the fact it was the last movie it was reaaalllyyy good okay! Smart la cerita ni. Serious ish! Ending pun could never been better sbb well all good things must come to an end ugh :( Sooo what is life now? Eceh haha. Hm. It's hard ;)


  1. mmg x tgk movie ni ;-)

  2. amboiii...melampau sangat sampai tak boleh nak move on bagai nehh!

  3. obvious sgt ni kak qila tak leh move on hahaha btw kak qila, kita lg sedih, tak tengok lg pun T---TT

  4. Tak aci tngok dah!!! Hana tak tngok lagi T_T Huaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Should I go to nearby cinema and watch the ending? Buat orang excited nak tengok the ending la Qila ni >.<

  6. rasanya kita pun bermula dengan hunger games. ye tak qila? first komen qila pasal novel hunger games kot. hahaha


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