Sunday, November 29, 2015


Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order.
— Ann Wilson Schaff (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

Ok first of all. How i define perfect?
Well perfect means YOU. Everyones perfect in their own way <3
But according to the dictionary ; Someone with few flaws; possessing many desirable qualities.
perfect ; a non-existant thing that people try to live up to or find in someone or something. perfect doesnt exist. No one can be perfect because everyone has faults of some sort. the only thing that will ever be perfect died on a cross two thousand years ago.

Eg : 
Guy: I'm looking for the perfect girl-- ya know, big b*tt/b**b, fair skin, smart and funny, doesn't argue with me, skinny but not a stick, a little shorter than me-- ya know,totally HOT. 
Friend: And how do you think you're gonna find that?

Tanpa kita sedari. Nak sangat perfect tapi kita lupa that nobody's perfect, though many try to be huhu.
Tapi practice makes perfect?????
Haa guane tu hiuhiu. well senang cerita perfectionism is un-attain-able?
i mean perfect compared to what?

And 2 days before qila tengok cerita The Duff, best sangat hihi.
Only you can define yourself ;)
Dont let other ppl define u okay? hihi.

p/s: sedih dengan orang yang too struggle nak jadi perfect sampai sakit kan diri sendiri. 
i mean, is it worth to die for? :( 


  1. tak semua org perfect. even yg rasa perfect pun mesti ada slek sikit. but everyone has their own beauty yg mungkin cuma certain org je blh nampak! :D

  2. Mana ada orang yang perfect dekat dunia ni. Semua orang ada flaws. We just have to embrace our flaws :)


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