Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How To Wear Aviators in STYLE

So harlu guys. Today my post is going to be totally full in english phew.

Sunglasses are always the important piece for everyone to have in their possession.
The reason is that sunglasses seriously a great accessory for women to spice their outfit with style. 
Aviator sunglasses are one of the many designs that women would choose to look versatile!
With various fashion looks + Aviator sunglasses = step out feeling confident as ever.
So nowwwww!
Please do check out the three looks you can pull off and show off
the very stylish Aviators sunglasses in front of others gitewwww huhu!
1. Rugged Chic
For the ladies who want to flaunt an edgy character while still remaining trendy, the best pieces to own are a leather jacket, boots, sling bag and not to forget your aviator sunglass. This ensemble is perfect for women who want to have that extra boost of confidence on a gloomy day as it definitely brings out your inner strength. Look trendy and show off your tomboyish charm everywhere you go. 

2. Simple Basic
It cannot be denied that there are days when you want to wear comfortable clothes and skip the makeup. There is nothing wrong with that and the trick to hide away those eye bags is by covering it up with a stylish pair of Aviator sunglasses. The aviator sunglass absolutely can give your simple basic tees or tanks tops a fresh hint of style. Choose any designs you want such as a classic black, brown tinted or mirrored sunglasses, it is flexible to turn your outfit into an amazing appearance.

 3. Sophisticated Charm
The aviator sunglasses are the best quick way for women who want to add a little sophisticated hint to their look. Whether you are wear a jumpsuit, crop tops or shirts, the aviators surely brings you that elegant touch to your entire outfit.

See? You can wear aviators like seriously anywhere and anytime you'd love to! 

xoxo Zalora ;)


  1. i like the simple basic..

  2. I wish I can wear aviator. Too bad my face shape is not compatible with aviator :(

  3. hehe.. tak la kak Fiza nak pakai cm nie.. pakai spek pun dlm kete sebab silau panas.. hehe

  4. kak sally pakai jela kacamata yg rabun ni..hihihi


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