Saturday, October 17, 2015

Appreciation Post

To the girls out there, stay safe stay beautiful stay nice stay you! Remember be a good daughter okay? :) Stop being so insecure because you are just lovely as you are!

To the boys out there, dont be a fool! Haha. Please, don't forget to make out parents proud okay? Be nice be smooth be cute be charming be a good man later ok? Man up! Be a good leader tauuuuuuu :)

To the mothers out there, we love you soooo much hugs!
I cant put into words on how much we love u hehe.

To the fathers out there, we love you too okay????? It is just that we always forgot to say that in person! Hihi. Hugs!

To the students out there, finish your homework pls!?
Do not disappoint your teachers as well as your parents. Study smart n hard! Gain good knowledge as much as u can because Allah wants u to do it! P/s: Belajar krn Allah!

To the teachers out there, do not give up on your students.
Please keep on teaching them :) Share your ilmu and u shall be rewarded later inshaallah!

Last but not least...

To the bloggers out there, continue to post good things n stuffs and keep inspiring ok! Hihi

Sincerely, me at 2am zzzzz hihu


  1. qilah ! wah lamanya tak jenguk sini. omey angat pic tepi tu,hihi. blog pun omey omey da haaa

  2. thanks n insya Allah... all the best utk qilah!

  3. well, this post already inpiring me. hee thanks! :D

  4. saya rasa saya dah inspired kirah dah lpas saya cakap goal jgka panjang saya...i will be a better man ..Insya-Allah .....good luck owner blog......chaiyokkk!jap..belajar kat mn sekrg?

    1. Goodluck inshaallah moga allah permudahkan! Sekarang cutiiiii tgh tunggi degree uia hehehhehe


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