Saturday, October 31, 2015

Official PAM!

New obsession - Planner addict!
So now saya official dah ####planneraddictmalaysia

Ha ha! Saya ada new obsession hihihi best ok serious best! Orang lain mungkin addicted dengan aiskrim/chocolate/lipstick/makeup/baju mahal/shawls but we
sisters #planneraddictmalaysia cintakan planner kami huhuw!

Best! Of course lah planner ni untuk make everything more organized hehe. So yes! Starting to fall for this planner thingy hehe

Punca : kak eecha

Best! Nampak mcm budak tadika tapi sebenarnya best hehe! And starter kit untuk jadi planner girl ni takde lah mahal sangat haha. Lagi best kalau kita mmg DIY GIRL YEH! Hehe just grab any notebook and start to plan your days,weekend,goals apa semua tu.

Tapi geng geng ni of course la beli special punya planner kan huhu qila guna 

Macaron Pastel Planner in Baby Blush Pinkyish size A5 haha!
Super cheap ehe kawan qila lanjew for
RM59.90 including postage (bought from ig @vintage.crafty) 
preorder for 2-3 weeks and yay dah sampai depan rumah.

So mmg already got inserts dah dlm ni tapi mesti lah qila nk juga masuk kan inserts yg sedap mata qila memandang hehe. 

Ada inserts yg qila cari dkt MPH
Ada inserts yg qila DIY je heee. 

Inserts tu yg kertas dkt dalam tu.

So qila guna weekly planner sebab kalau daily planner mmg tak sempat hehe

Pastu ada satu section tu mcm my diary part haha.
Best! Best! I think I'm going to stop blogging for now and go back to classics which is to actually write on papers ehe.

So that's all from me heee. Thank you for reading ok assalamualaikum

P/s: Sng cerita Planner ni mcm diary. Tu je ok bye! Lulz. Beza you plan EVERYTHING ahead and with some decoration huhu.

P/s : p/s: But still, Allah is the best planner ;) huhuw! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How To Wear Aviators in STYLE

So harlu guys. Today my post is going to be totally full in english phew.

Sunglasses are always the important piece for everyone to have in their possession.
The reason is that sunglasses seriously a great accessory for women to spice their outfit with style. 
Aviator sunglasses are one of the many designs that women would choose to look versatile!
With various fashion looks + Aviator sunglasses = step out feeling confident as ever.
So nowwwww!
Please do check out the three looks you can pull off and show off
the very stylish Aviators sunglasses in front of others gitewwww huhu!
1. Rugged Chic
For the ladies who want to flaunt an edgy character while still remaining trendy, the best pieces to own are a leather jacket, boots, sling bag and not to forget your aviator sunglass. This ensemble is perfect for women who want to have that extra boost of confidence on a gloomy day as it definitely brings out your inner strength. Look trendy and show off your tomboyish charm everywhere you go. 

2. Simple Basic
It cannot be denied that there are days when you want to wear comfortable clothes and skip the makeup. There is nothing wrong with that and the trick to hide away those eye bags is by covering it up with a stylish pair of Aviator sunglasses. The aviator sunglass absolutely can give your simple basic tees or tanks tops a fresh hint of style. Choose any designs you want such as a classic black, brown tinted or mirrored sunglasses, it is flexible to turn your outfit into an amazing appearance.

 3. Sophisticated Charm
The aviator sunglasses are the best quick way for women who want to add a little sophisticated hint to their look. Whether you are wear a jumpsuit, crop tops or shirts, the aviators surely brings you that elegant touch to your entire outfit.

See? You can wear aviators like seriously anywhere and anytime you'd love to! 

xoxo Zalora ;)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Current goals

Love this page!
Eh eh haha. Morning kesemuanya hopefully takde any Blues ya! Hihu
Suka sangat page ni on my planner ehe.
Seriously kena ada goals kalau tak hidup terhuyung hayang eceh haha

Sebab dah Maal Hijrah dah kan. Dia mcm excited nau nak ada goals baru.
Harap tercapai lah before mati ehe.

What are you ultimate goals btw?
Do share! Nak tahu juga hehe so mana tahu mata qila terbukak sikit ke huhuw!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Appreciation Post

To the girls out there, stay safe stay beautiful stay nice stay you! Remember be a good daughter okay? :) Stop being so insecure because you are just lovely as you are!

To the boys out there, dont be a fool! Haha. Please, don't forget to make out parents proud okay? Be nice be smooth be cute be charming be a good man later ok? Man up! Be a good leader tauuuuuuu :)

To the mothers out there, we love you soooo much hugs!
I cant put into words on how much we love u hehe.

To the fathers out there, we love you too okay????? It is just that we always forgot to say that in person! Hihi. Hugs!

To the students out there, finish your homework pls!?
Do not disappoint your teachers as well as your parents. Study smart n hard! Gain good knowledge as much as u can because Allah wants u to do it! P/s: Belajar krn Allah!

To the teachers out there, do not give up on your students.
Please keep on teaching them :) Share your ilmu and u shall be rewarded later inshaallah!

Last but not least...

To the bloggers out there, continue to post good things n stuffs and keep inspiring ok! Hihi

Sincerely, me at 2am zzzzz hihu

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Big Bad Wolf last!!!

Baru dapat berita yang mengggggemparkan haha! Yay BigBadWolf Pesta Buku terrrhebat terrmurah terbaik akan berada di KL semula selepas jelajah di Penang huhu.
Tak bankrupt ke kalau bagi 75%-95% on EVERY SINGLE BOOKS?
untuk bbw, not at all.
Yay for us booklovers!


Nasibaik datang jugak dekat Mines weee~

Dah ah dia buat terrrrrible announcement the day before :((((

Ni ha :(((

Rupa rupanya terkono sahaja.
Sebab it doesnt even make any sense?!?!?!?!??!

FROM 4 DEC - 14 DEC!
Wuuuuuu 10 days okkkkk huhu.

Qila nak gi on the very first day andddd maybe tengah tengah.
Or second last day haha!
(we'll see)


Seriously tak sabar.
Last memborong buku lah kut. Ececeh mentang mentang next year degree dah kan so takkan nak baca buku fiction lagi hewhew.
Acah betul. 

Well currently finishing all my un-read yet books yg sekian lama membeli huhu.
Tak guna juga gi borong kalau tak baco oi.

Majulah Big Bad Wolf untuk negara! :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What to do during semester break

Okay hi assalamualaikum! Nak buat apa bila cuti semester ni hm.
Huhuhuhu qila dah google segala macam on what to do bila cuti 3,4 bulan and yay i found some things which are quite useful for a laaaazy girl like me!


Ok lets get started!


1 Belajar memasak
Eeeeer sangat awkward sebab dah lama tak balik rumah kan (haha ok tipu) hm masuk dapur just untuk check peti ais and then makan je hihuhi memang dah berbulan tak masak 'masak' hihi. Baking sekali and masak maggi goreng je alahai.

So grab this opportunity untuk brush up our skills yg dah lama berkarat untuk tlg umi masak everyday! At least tolong tengok pun ok dah by tambah ilmu tu kan huhuhu :')

oh speaking about skills!
Read books. Actualy books. Flip throught real pages. Jangan baca ebook.
Paint something, do art. Baking as much as u want to. 

2 Curi chores dari umi
Haha yes. Bangun lepas subuh tu pls JGN TIDOR BALIK!
Credit : Pinterest
Make sure kita yang buat segala kerja rumah chores dalam rumah tu such as :
Basuh baju
Sidai baju
Lipat baju
Vakum&/ sapu rumah
Cuci pinggan & bilik air
Lap perabot
Siram pokok (kalau ada la)

Ok sekarang congratulations sebab no 1&2 membuatkan anda layak mendirikan rumah tangga oledi hiuhiu. Just kidding! I mean kalau ada orang tetiba masuk meminang takde lah gelabah sangat kann kann~ teehee!!

3 Part time job 
Ha yang ni sumpah optional ihihihi because I might not get any pocket money selama cuti ni so T_T kalau nak duit mohon earn it yourself ok?
ok..... :'(

4 Tingkatkan amalan (dekat kan diri dgn tuhan ok)

Sebab cuti kan :D
Daripada tidur tu baik lah perbanyakkan baca Quran :D
Masa ni lah nak pulun khatam Quran! Banyakkan zikir. Insyaallah :') senang dunia n akhirat. 

5 Do what you love, love what you do :)
Ha last but not least, gitu. Buat lah benda yang seriously bermanfaat. 
Jangan lagho kuat sangat. Ingat Allah. 
Jangan nak biadap dgn parents dkt rumah tu.
Jangan la nak buat benda yang orang lain pun benci, eh. Haha.
Jangan give up so quickly. Inhale, exhale.

okay goodnight!
Before tidor jgn lupa count your blessings and say alhamdulillah instead of count the sheeps hihi.

# cuti sem, what to do, planning for better future

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Road to degree!

Ok hi malam ni memang malam kesedihan untuk qila hihi sebab?

Hari khamis lepas last payyyper untuk my last sem wuhuw!
Happy tu happy but eh hey hello awak tu nak masuk degree dah tau tahun depan???

Alamak serious weh lupa that sad part. Ingat cuti je (which is the forever&always fun part)
Sigh. Mesti susah kan degree nanti. Takleh have TOO much fun dah mcm dekat asasi ni ha. Ish.

Okay maka habis dah setahun setengah di Centre Foundation Studies di IIUM Gombak! Yay!

Cuti approximately ~ 4 bulan ok huhuhuhu.

So many things nak buat la cuti ni hahaha harap bukan hangat hangat serupa tahi ayam lah haha!

Ok jgn lupa quran even sehari ye
#notetoself jugak sebab nanti quran tinggal kita 40 hari. :)

toodles hihiii

Will be missin all the beautiful girls in CFS lah haih :) What a year. Thank u Allah for everything!

(the only decent pic of me dekat AGD huhu)

And yay for me sebab takde pakwe lagi huhuhuh 

Degree nanti la cari bakal zauj kan HAR HAR HAR HAMBAR 

#brothers pun bole la haha

last but not least #foundationdahhabis #roadtodegree

Friday, October 2, 2015

One of the saddest story ever :(

Benci la bila orang hantar mesej dekat whasapp yang super deeeep macamni ei.
Sedih tahu tak????

Mood: rindu abah! Dah lah mmg panggil abah 'abah'! Lagi lah terkena dgn mesej ni mashaallah.

"Puteri abah, kasih sayang abah.
Abah ini bukanlah mampu membeli kereta mahal-mahal jika kamu nakkan ia . Tetapi jika abah mampu, abah akan usahakan. Abah juga tidak mampu membeli handphone beribu harganya buat kamu. Tapi jika abah masih kuat kudrat, abah akan usaha belikan. 
Abah ini sudah tua. Tengok lah tangan abah. Dah berkedut. Kulit tapak tangan abah juga sudah keras. Tapi puteri abah, ingatlah, walaupun tangan abah begini, abah akan lindungi puteri abah. Jika ada lelaki yang mengganggumu, dengan tangan ini abah akan menumbuk dia. Jika barangmu yang ingin dibawa masuk ke hostel itu terlalu berat, dengan tangan abah ini, abah akan mengangkatnya. Untuk puteri abah, apalah sangat duit yang abah beri untuk belanja diuniversiti. Kalau yuran dan bukunya mahal sekalipun, abah tak akan kata apa kerana bagi abah, nilai anak abah yang dianugerahkan Allah itu tidak ternilai harganya kalau nak dibandingkan dengan duit buku yang tebal dengan harga ratusan. 
Kadang puteri abah ini telefon nombor abah tapi nak cakap dengan mak. Kata rindu sangat pada mak. Abah tak kisah sebab abah tahu betapa peritnya mak kamu mengandungkan dan melahirkan kamu. Tapi sekali, abah ingin juga dengar puteri abah ini kata "" rindu abah "". Tapi kalau malu, tak apa lah. Kalau hati puteri abah ini dah rasa rindu kat abah pun dah cukup. Abah gembira dah. 
Anak abah, puteri abah, kasih sayang abah, anugerah abah, 
Jaga dirimu anakku. Tutuplah auratmu dengan sempurna. Abah dah buat macam-macam buat kamu. Sanggupkah kamu tengok abah masuk neraka? Walaupun abah sentiasa berusaha gigih supaya kamu dan abah bersama di syurga. 
Puteri abah sukakan seseorang? Abah ok. Tapi janganlah buat abah sedih. Abah jaga puteri abah dari kecil tapi kamu sanggup bagi semuanya pada lelaki yang abah pun tak kenal. Kamu boleh Mesej dia hari-hari, tapi sehari kamu nak mesej abah pun payah. Tak sayangkan abah? Jagalah maruah kamu annakku. Kalau bukan untuk abah, untuk diri kamu sendiri. 
Ajal abah entah bila akan sampai. Abah dah tua. Lama sudah abah hidup. Dari kamu tak boleh cakap, sampailah kamu dah berlari sana-sini masuk dewan kuliah. Entah-entah abah tak sempat tengok kamu kahwin. Tak sempat tengok kamu habis belajar pun. Tapi cukup bagi abah, ada puteri macam kamu. Cantik, baik, pandai dan sayang abah. Kalau abah tak ada sebelah kamu pun, tak apalah. Kasih sayang abah sampai bila-bila ada buat puteri abah. 
Abah menangis bila tengok kamu tidur. Menangis sebab terharu melihat kamu membesar dengan baik. Tapi janganlah pulak kamu menangis banyak sangat bila abah tidur panjang. Sebab yang pergi ialah abah, bukan kasih sayang abah. Abah tinggalkan kasih sayang abah buat puteri abah yang manis ini. 
Belajar elok-elok. Pilih suami elok-elok. Jaga diri elok-elok. Banyak lagi sebenarnya abah nak cakap. Tapi abah takut, tiba-tiba ajal abah sampai, tak sempat pula abah nak send pesanan abah ini. Sudahlah ye. Abah pergi dulu. Assalamualaikum wahai puteri abah, kasih sayang abah. Abah sayangkan kamu.

Ahahaha sambil type ayat ni sambil nangis baca huhu. Besok balik jap jumpa abah hihi.
And and and!!!!
Doakan qila finals wuhuw! Last payyyper next week tu yang sempat balik jap la hehe hopefully boleh study dekat rumah ehe ehe ehe. Goodnight!