Saturday, April 18, 2015

Count Your Blessings Always

Ok harini qila baru belajar perkataan baru which is : Contentment.

Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction ; feeling secure with what you have, what you are and where you are heading right at this moment.

How many of us feel this way right now? I DARE SAY not many.

A contented person is usually happy, cheerful and joyful; & more importantly he feels fortunate, lucky and blessed! :D

Tapi manusia sekarang memang selaluuuuuuu nak kejar duit yang takde limit tu phew~
Dah lah boleh jadi stress, resah, gelisah bila fikirkan duit T_T

Apa lagi dalam dunia ni yang kita want MORE?
Besides money, we want MORE power, influence, fun, respect, and higher and more of this and that.
Banyak lah kemahuan dan kehendak kalau nak di list kan hehe.

BUT WITH ALL THE WEALTH AND POWER, are they really happy and contented deep inside them?

Cewah haha. Dalam tidak sedar, many of us overlook / lose the small joys of life.
Sad to say, (contoh) kita ni tak habis kejar duniawi sampai lupa dkt akhirat.
Sibuk kejar cari duit,kuasa,etc lupa nak take a deep breath and be contented!

So im sharing the lessons i got from suratkhabar hehe.
  • Be content with whatever you have. Bersyukur and happy lah. For just one moment, look yourself in the mirror and see how picture-perfect your family is. Thank Allah for what u have, be content ; there is not a need to continually look for greater riches at great expense & sacrifice.
  • Review & start analysing how you can make your short time on earth better. Make peace with oneself and reflect on who you really are. When are you going to say "enough is enough" & THANK ALLAH FOR WHAT U ALREADY HAVE :D
  • Learn when to let go ; enjoy what you have built up and saved all this year & most importantly learn what exactly 'contentment' is all about 
  • IF YOU ARE SUPER RICH, learn how to be a philanthropist; your wealth will be better spent for the poor and the less-fortunate than by squandered by others.
Yang paling betul ialah kita sebenarnya dapat sikit pun kena bersyukur alhamdulillah kan. Jgn merungut lah senang cerita. Kita berusaha untuk penuhi kehendak kita.
Tapi kalau tak dapat tu, nak buat acane kan kikiki

We need much less than we think we need, to be happy.
Last! hehe.

"Be thankful for what u have, you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough". ~ Oprah Winfrey

P/s : Kadang kadang kita selalu nak benda yang sebenarnya tak penting langsung. Ish. Nafsu haih nafsu. Tapi bila baca balik post qila. Rasa mcm gila ke qila ni haha. Sekarang memang perlukan duit oi no money no talk. So nak taknak mcm kena juga work SOOOOO hard untuk duit sampai sacrifice feelings or maybe other unnecessary needs. Chaiyuk! May allah ease! :)x

Contoh nya: ill be super content if i get to eat mac n cheeese & pizzah!! :D hihik.


  1. Haih.. could not agree more la with your conclusion. Nice one!

  2. patutlah sakan happy ya cik qila... yummy best nmpk pizza tu..

  3. One of the ways to be contented is do not ever compare yourself with other people. Rezeki ni masing-masing ada bahagiannya. And, we have to bersyukur all the time. Nikmat Allah ni luas :)

  4. Grrrr tunjuk pizza pulak dah :D

  5. " be thankful for what you have " yeah quite true :)

  6. Nak mac & cheese sekarang jugak! Hahahhaha

  7. xreti la bace omputih... translate pls .. hehe =)
    good luck syg

  8. Sedapnya,more cheese more oishi :-)

  9. Contentment.. tahu tapi tak tahu exact meaning. hehe..

    jom pizzaaaaa. :P

  10. Tak tertahan napsu aii nengok cheese dia Qilah. Hik3x..

  11. sedpnya! terus rasa lapar.. :)

  12. okay noted qilah.

    happy tummy, happy qila ;p


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