Friday, January 9, 2015

Mitsubishi Electric (Blogger Event)

Hello hey hi! An event was held in Mitsubishi electric office in Petaling Jaya last Saturday!
Let the pictures do some of the talking okay?

  • Date: 3rd January 2015
  • Time: 2pm - 5pm 
  • Venue : Mitsubishi electric office in Petaling Jaya

So today im proudly introducing to you guys these 4 new products with pictures of the products and some pictures during the 3 hours event from Mitshubishi Electric and what makes all of them super unique!

The first product is the Aircond!

    Well basically, aircond is soooo easy to clean with only 3 steps required. 
 Happy to say that you can clean it by yourself and no need to hire any aircond maintenance company! & Do you know that if you clean your aircond regularly, this will lead to lower cost in electric bill. Without any intention, you will save more money~
    5 star cap rating - lead to higher energy efficiency (means : the more star, the less energy used)
    nano platinum filter - this nano filter do gives a better dust collection performance than conventional filters.
    5 step vane control & swing - you can control airflow directions to make sure that airflow swing and reaches every corner of the room so that everyone can feel the cool breeze!

The second product is : the Jet towel! (also known as hand dryer) 
Dry your hand with this cool jet towel!
  •   Super hygienic,and it is also a drying action built to offer you COMFORT &EASE!
  •  It only takes 123456789- 10 seconds! to dry your wet/moist hand~ (so fast right?)
  • As you can see, it has it own space hand-drying zone
  • Plus, the hygienic touch-free-operation enables us drying our hands up as far as the wrists without touching the unit within seconds!

The third product is the Fan!
with 4 different sizes.
    3 years motor warranty #noted
    Premium safety standard
    Enhance product safety through the use of non self-flammable materials & concealed motor, which is to prevents any undesirable material from entering into the motor & minimises the possibility of accidents
    Double fuse protection
    This fuse stops the fan from operating whenever the current is exceeded, while the thermal fuse cuts off the electricity when the motor go overheats. See how cool is that and yes. This fan do protect us from any electric shock or accidents as well!!

The fourth product is the Fridge!
Super huge right?

    5 star cap rating - also > energy efficiency (the more star, the less energy used)
    Besides, it is more energy efficiency,
    Eco-friendly mode - by Automatically lowers the energy consumption level during non-peak hours in order to save more energy.
    Big fridge with big capacity (as its width is of 950mm!)
    Humidity control - It is ideal for vegetables & fruits to stay crispier and fresher for extra time.
    Vitamin Factory - Triple-coloured LED light which helps to increase vitamins 1.5 times acts as miniature sun to help promote longer-lasting freshness, sustain nutrient and increase vitamins in vegetables. 

Last but not least, the Mobile app will be release
for android by mid January
for IOS by end of January


  1. tertarik dgn peti ais jer. . hehe

  2. jatuh hati dengan jet towel tuuu. hahahaaha. belanja ai peliss qilahhh :D

  3. Kak Nad teringin gila hjet towel tuuu!!! Qila belanja pls nak letak dekat rumah hahaha style gila!

  4. ok qila belanje akak peti ais ehhh TQ lebiuuu! <3

  5. hehehe bestnya kalau dapat ekon free hehehe.

  6. Seronok ah blogger asyik g event je manjang..

  7. tertarik tengok fridge tu. wahaha. :D
    blh sumbat banyak2 makanan. :3

  8. dah masuk hari ke 9 tahun baru.
    selamat tahun baru 2015 :D

  9. baru first time dengar yg the jet towel tu.. macam menarik..

  10. kite suka dia punya hand dryer tuu. hehe


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