Saturday, November 8, 2014

Back to uuuu

Yes. Sem break is over and over again.

Sadly, I didn't finish my movies and storybooks hihi. And I am not sure how will I survive in there.
And the great news is I missed studying Hahahaha. 
It is super boring when you get lifeless and idk not studying. Nothing to do eyyy.
So yeah. Wish me luck. I just hope that I get a nice room with approximately 5 feets near wifi Hihuhi. And I can't wait to see Kaka!
My roommate hehe. Before this is we got 4-in-a-room but as it is short sem (not everyone going to take the short sem) so they break us apart haha.
Like seriously only 3-in-a-room :(
So I go with Kaka and. The other two girls go their way. Ceh.

Hahaha. Can't wait to study business :) and rka :(!
Seriously rka. Ya Allah please gimme a nice n superb madam. Taknak yg garang gila pls :(((
Dpt sir Ali Zaman pun best Hihu.
Okay so now....

It's time to get the stuff started!

Ps ; having to write this post is quite awkward for me as I didn't write something personal for like 3 months?

Having an online diary is one of the best thing to happen bcs I don't really care if there is no one reading it. It's for me. The memories.
((for the one who underestimated, looked down at us just please stop))

Blogging is not wasting time hehe. I read your stories. You read mine and that's it. We read ok huhu. And ofcs lah menambah kenalan, andddd mengeratkan silaturrahim hehe.
Okay please lah qila. Stop bebel tak tentu pasal tata!!!! 


  1. kenapa cik qila? ada orang condemn ke?
    cess memang takde org life tu kerja nak condemn orang je.
    memang dah lama la.. takpe qila.. we all part-time blogger je.
    ada benda yg lebih utama dari blogging kan? so nvm, take ur time ^_^

  2. Selamat sambung study di u. :D

  3. gudluck utk shortsem dear. . :D study betol2 tau. . :D

  4. Hai dear.. Salam perkenalan. First time sampai sini. Nuha setuju dgn quote "blogging is not wasting time" tu. huhuhu

    Jemput ke blog nuha. Ada entry baru: 7 Sebab Perlu Kaya dan Berjaya.

    Thanks :)


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