Sunday, October 19, 2014


Yes i was missing in action hiks.
cant believe my eyes that I hv not written like anything here for about a month++ haha!


So here's a not-so-short recap of what's been going on for the past one month/ so.

August 10 : I celebrated my birthday with few of my friends heh. Plus ajak Pip's friends too for makan makan kecil kecilan? Oh gitchewww haha.

September 1-15 : I am preparing myself for the Syafawi ( Arab Speaking Test) & EPT Speaking oh gila betul susah and nervous and cuak gila!!!!


September 16: Syafawi done! Speaking test done! Terparty sikit lah ihihiks.

September 29 : EPT APT. One word. Susah-nak-mati. TT_TT

September 8: ICT

September 10: RKA (reveal knowledge) islam christian buddhism hinduism and yayyyyyyy habis dah finals and MIDSEM BREAK HAS STARTED WIWIWI

September 11: Event Glitz Glamzzzz Hi Tea with Jovian Mandagie! 

And now. September 15: Me? Updating my dusty blog and maybe nak stop blogging bcs dah dapat duit nuffnang so nak bersara dah ok bye hahahahaha 

Loljk. Idk. Hehe. Ok gtg nak balut buku semangat nak khatam buku buku cerita heeeeee~

Nanti qila merangkak dekat blog org lain pulak wiwi tazzabar~