Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You lah, who else

But talking to you made me feel lighter than the clouds. You always have that magic over me. You always make me high. In cloud nine. 

 It’s been years and I still find myself thinking of you. I dreamt of you too several times and it felt real. I never wanted to wake up but I always fail. Maybe deep inside of me I still long for your lingering presence in my life. But as days gone by I have learned to go on and on with my life. Still, here I am, feeling the same feeling I felt for you. It was too strong that it hurts. It stabs me to death and keeps me alive at the same time. All I wish right now is you beside me. But I have to sleep this feeling off, good night.

Assalamualaikum, xoxo

Spm 9A+!!!!!!! You go keyla i know you can do it gogogogo!!!!!


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