Saturday, January 19, 2013


i like you so much but i barely know you
so i’ll just shut up
and go with the flow
i hope i’m not supposed to personally tell you this
i don’t have any idea how to
but you make me laugh
and make me feel cool
so that’s enough for me
i just think you’re awesome
and i would like to talk with you further
about stuff
bye :cry:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Study study study?

Happy January everybody! May Allah bless all of us and may allah makbulkan semua doa-doa or azam-azam kita yang kita nakkan sangat-sangat tu heee~~~~ oh

hai i wish i cn be this cool. hohohoho never. ever. hm tired stressed depressed beyond exhauster duh duh duh nya lah perasaan nak spm tu. Huh!
Ye ler, with spm tu lah i can go masuk university ok. Without good/nice/magnificent/best well i mean super duper power result tu i won't get any further studies. So nak taknak i MUST.

Breath in, breath out. Ingat Allah, hati ikhlas. Inshaallah senang c; hihih ok boi


Hi January!

You don’t understand.. The way I feel about you, the way you stole my heart.
I miss you. The fact that I can’t see you personally, hug you so tight, make silly moments with you and talk about random things makes me feel nothing. I know I have to face the reality that I could never do that with you until we finally see each other.